Wheelchair Van Sales and Service understands that when it comes to wheelchair vans, quality and safety go hand in hand. Wheelchair Van Sales and Service is an authorized AMS Vans reseller and as such solidly assures its customers that every converted van meets and exceeds the highest safety standards in the industry.

AMS Vans voluntarily participates in crash testing of all converted wheelchair vans and cooperates with testing regulations from the National Highway Transportation Safety Authority (NHTSA). Whether it's for commercial or personal use, our new wheelchair vans and pre-owned wheelchair vans are safe, reliable, affordable and well-constructed. This makes a difference not only to all of our customers but also to everyone who represents Wheelchair Van Sales and Service. We follow the AMS Vans motto: every wheelchair van is made to be strong, simple, and safe.

While we hope our customers will avoid any and all accidents, it is our goal to provide high quality new and pre-owned wheelchair vans at budget-friendly prices. All our wheelchair vans are engineered for maximum safety and minimum worry. For more information on the safety of our wheelchair vans, contact us today.
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